Pet of the Week – Salt and Spice

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HARTFORD -- Salt is a female kitten with an orange face and a pink nose, and Spice is a female calico tiger.

They're both kittens who are 3 months old, who were born in foster care in March. There were four kittens in the litter, so they have a brother and a sister too - Sugar and Pepper!

Their mother was surrendered as a stray in Vernon four days before the babies arrived. The kittens have been healthy since birth,  and both weigh a hearty three pounds each.

They love running, jumping and climbing, so a cat tree or something similar would be critical for them.

They are 100 percent kitten - if someone wants a lap cat these babies are not quite the fit for them but the shelter has plenty of older cats that may have less energy.

They don't meow as much as they squeak and grumble - just like their mom - and they both love a variety of toys!

They're very social, always greeting people at the door of the kitten room. It would be terrific if they could go as pairs or to homes with other cats that like to play!

To learn more about Salt and Spice, or other pets that need homes, contact Protectors of Animals.