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The heat is tough to beat in a food truck

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WEST HARTFORD -- For police and construction workers – Monday’s heat is tough in those uniforms , but for folks running food trucks, if you can’t stand the heat, you can’t just get out of the kitchen.

Clover Marsh runs the Quick Bites Jamaican food truck. ”We’ve been asking for summer for a very long time, now we have it, so we can’t say it’s too hot.”

But Ron Dvon is running a 650 degree pizza oven? In this heat? “ Psychologically, it’s not that hot.”

When the whole truck is an oven – you have to take safety precautions. Said Marsh, “Its extra hot in here. You turn the lights off , stick your head outside, take a walk, do what you got do”

But believe it or not , folks running these food trucks say there’s one thing more important in staying cool, more than drinking cold drinks or wearing light-colored clothing or light colors - what is it?

They say focus on just one thing “I bend my mind to it. I know what it’s like – I just think of the money coming in,” said Marsh.

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