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Dog dies due to heat stroke in Wallingford; Tips on keeping your dog safe

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WALLINGFORD --  Animal Control of Wallingford said a dog died following a heat stroke Monday.

The animal control broke the news on Facebook Tuesday afternoon.

"One of our shelter alumnus was left outside by the family's nanny yesterday for several hours without water. Sadly, when the dog's owners returned home from work, they found her lifeless body in the yard. They rushed her to the veterinarian, who tragically confirmed she had suffered and died from heat stroke," said the animal control.

They say you should always provide cool water for your pets. The heat can become suffocating for your dog and it doesn't take a lot of time for your pet to be in distress.

Experts also advise pet owners not to let your dog linger on hot surfaces like cement or asphalt. Those surfaces can burn paws.

It's also a good idea to get your dog a haircut during warm weather. They add you should still leave about an inch of hair on your pet or else you can put them at risk of getting a sunburn.

And giving your dog a nice swim can also help lower their body temperature.

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