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Elderly have special concerns in hot weather

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WATERBURY -- On a steamy hot day, mover Pedro Dominugez doesn’t have time for dangerous air quality.

“I work in the snow, the heat, anytime of weather . My body’s used to all kinds of weather.”

Just walking the streets can be tough for anyone, and that’s if you’re young and fit. But older?  Danessa Marshall worries about the guests at the Waterbury Senior Center, “Are they hydrated? Are they keeping themselves cool? Are they eating well?”

That’s easy to monitor when they’re at the center. But when they’re not ?  Now on a normal day the senior center hosts about 100 members. Now you would think that on a day like today, the numbers would go up. But instead, the numbers today – about half – 55 members .

“I think many of the seniors are concerned that if they go out into the heat, they may get dehydrated – it  may be too much,“ said Marshall.

Robocalls go out to remind seniors of their options, then, personal calls are made

“Our seniors here are more like family , so if you’re concerned about your grandma, your uncle, we here do the same thing.”

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