Police: Enfield man arrested after 6 week robbing spree of dollar stores

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ENFIELD —  Police arrested a Enfield man who robbed 10 dollar stores across the nation in a six week span.

North Greenbush Police Department, N.Y., said following a robbery over the weekend, photos were sent to Connecticut State Police who identified the suspect as David Hunter, 53.

“Once Hunter was identified as the suspect, Connecticut law enforcement officials helped develop more facts about him to include the fact Hunter was believed to be driving a stolen 2017 Dodge Charger. A combination of technology and these new facts assisted this agency and the FBI in tracking him to a casino in eastern Indiana,” said police.

Police said they contacted local police in the area where Hunter and the stolen car was located.

“Hunter was inside the casino when members of the Lawrenceburg Police Department spotted him. As it was believed the suspect was armed and dangerous, law enforcement waited to approach Hunter until he went to a restroom where he was taken into custody without incident,” said police.

Police added “While the arrest has been made, there are still many aspects of the investigation that remain open. It is hoped Hunter’s motives for the robberies will be confirmed through further investigation. Due to the complexity of the joint investigation which involves various law enforcement agencies nationwide, the investigation may take several more weeks to conclude.”

Hunter is being held on robbery charges.