Ledyard police asking public to lock car doors following recent break-in incidents

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LEDYARD --  Police in Ledyard are warning residents about a recent rash of car break-ins in the Highlands neighborhood.

Thursday, around 4:30 a.m., police began receiving reports of several cars broken into. Lt. Ken Creutz said roughly seven cars were broken into, two were stolen from the same driveway, because the keys were left inside.

The buzz of the break-ins traveling through the community throughout the day Friday causing some residents to take extra precautions.

“Double checked our cars and made sure our keys were in the house,” Jill Evans of Ledyard said.

Police said one of the cars stolen is still missing, but the other was found in the nearby Fox Run apartment complex, still running.

One woman living in the Highlands neighborhood, wrote on the Ledyard Community Forum Facebook page saying her car registration and insurance card were among the items stolen out of her car, making her fearful of identity theft.

FOX61 took those concerns to police.

"A vehicle registration and insurance card would really only have the name an address of the individual so the danger of identity theft shouldn't be high,” Lt. Ken Creutz said.

Lt. Creutz also warned that even if you are careful about locking up your car, be sure you are paying attention to what you left inside.

"You should never leave your purse or wallet in your vehicle even if you lock your vehicle it shouldn't be in there because if it's in plain view it may tempt someone to break a window and force entry into a vehicle,” Lt. Creutz said.

He also said there was a recent alert sent out within the law enforcement community warning that in some towns in the western part of the state there is a new trend linked to the car break-ins.

"Some individuals looking at this as some kind of a contest seeing how many cars they can boost or how many cars they can break into in one night,” Lt. Creutz said, but emphasized that the recent rash in Ledyard does show any connection to this trend.

So far, no arrests have been made.