For the summer season ahead, take your pick

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MIDDLEFIELD -- As summer approaches, the season is upon farms across the state and at Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, they expect that picking will be at a premium.

The first major crop for farms like Lyman are the strawberries. Tim Burt, Lyman's Marketing Director, said they expect to be well in the red which is a good thing in this regard.

"The strawberries have really good color, they're really nice and they're sweet," Burt said.

He added that the strawberry picking season sets the tone for the rest of the summer.

"They lead to blueberry and raspberry season and then peaches," said Burt.

The peach season was decimated at Lyman Orchards last year and at orchards across Connecticut, due to a cold snap which killed the crop in the winter of 2016.

"We had a 100 percent crop loss on peaches last year and this year they are coming back," Burt said. "We're really excited about our peach crop this year."

Burt noted that it's still too early for peaches now . The peak of peach season should hit around July 10 or 15.

Lyman Orchards is celebrating their Strawberry Festival on June 17th. For more information click here.