Bradley International Airport launches transatlantic flight to Edinburgh, Scotland

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WINDSOR LOCKS – Bradley International Airport launched its second transatlantic flight to Edinburgh, Scotland this afternoon.

Instead of having to travel to New York or Boston, people can now conveniently fly out of Connecticut.

The airport had a bagpipe player by the Norwegian Air sign outside to kick off the inaugural flight. This launch follows prior service launches such as Aer Lingus to Dublin, Ireland and Spirit Airlines to Myrtle Beach, Florida.

“We are generating about 1.3 million transatlantic trips out of our market area and prior to these transatlantic flights here at Bradley, folks had to travel to either down to JFK or up to Boston,” said Kevin Dillon of the Connecticut Airport Authority.

Dillon said it is an exciting day for Bradley because it is rare for a medium-sized hub to have transatlantic flights.

There was a great turnout at the checkout line; travelers like Karen Turner said it is very convenient.

“Oh it’s wonderful! I mean, the fact that our daughter lives here in Connecticut, so we came a couple of days ago and spent some time with them and then we can all go together on one flight, said Turner who is from Wyoming.

For Terryville resident, Amy McClean, it is an opportunity she said she could not pass up.

“I haven’t had an international vacation in ten years!” said McClean.

Instead of having to go out of state, McClean said she can now easily make a quick drive to start her vacation.

“I was just talking with some folks who are from the lower part of the state and they said that, you know, it’s easier to come here to Bradley than it is to go to LaGuardia. The cost is different, the drive is different, it’s a much easier place to come, it’s a convenient location,” added McClean.