Waterford police: Man attacked two officers after stun gun fails

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WATERFORD -- What started out as a call for help with a car, ended up as a wild police chase that required additional police units from four other agencies to be dispatched.

Waterford police were called to a car fire at around 4:45 Monday afternoon. They eventually determined that there was not a car fire, but the car was not working.

Police came across the driver of the car, Irving Gerome Hudson, 28, and found that he had a suspended license, and police say they also smelled marijuana inside the car.

When another officer arrived to help search the car. During that search, Hudson tried to take the keys away from one of the officers. One of the arresting officers had dealt with Hudson prior to this incident for a disabled vehicle issue, according to Lieutenant Tim Silva of the Waterford Police Department.

When they tried to restrain him, police said he fought back, hitting both officers several times. Police used a stun gun, which they say did not work to restrain Hudson, who then took off.

New London, Groton, East Lyme, and State Police were then called to help. K9s were also brought in to search a sectioned off area around where police believed Hudson fled.

The search eventually lead them to an apartment complex where they found Hudson hiding inside 26-year-old Kassi Lee Elston's, apartment. Elston now faces separate charges for interfering with police.

Officers then tried using the stun gun again, which did not work to subdue him. Hudson also kicked one of the K-9s before he was eventually taken into custody.

Hudson was taken to the hospital for evaluation but was ultimately treated and released. Two officers were also referred for medical evaluation but were OK.

He will go before a judge at the New London courthouse on Tuesday for seven different charges ranging from criminal mischief, to two counts of assaulting an officer, intentional injury to a police K-9, and several more.

Hudson is being held on a $250,000 bail. Waterford police say they seized the car, and they are applying for a search warrant to look through it to determine if there were drugs inside.

As for Elston, she was released from jail on Monday night, and  is due back in court at the beginning of July.