FOX61 EXCLUSIVE: Sister of teen who died in the Connecticut River speaks out

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MERIDEN – It has been immense pain for the family of the Meriden teen who died trying to save his sister in the Connecticut River one week ago.

The sister of Jay Agli spoke exclusively with FOX61 to talk about the day he jumped in and never came back up.

The two shared a bond like no other. Kishana River, 19, and Jay Agli, 17, were inseparable.

“We did spend every day together. We would even walk home from school in high school,” said Rivera.

June 11, 2017 was a hot Sunday afternoon; it was the start of the heat wave. Kishana and Jay went to Haddam Meadows State park with family and friends to enjoy the summery weather.

“Around 4 or 5, we had all made a plan to go back in the water with everybody, including my family friends,” added Rivera.

Kishana said the water level was very low but that all quickly changed because she fell in the water and the undercurrent pulled her down.

“The family friend, he had jumped in to come help me first but couldn’t get me, the current was too strong,” added Rivera.

That is when her brother, Jay, jumped in to help. Kishana was five yards away from shore and then blacked out. Suddenly, a boat came to her rescue and it was minutes later when she found out her brother never resurfaced.

Two days later, police knocked on the Agli’s door to deliver the bad news.

“I don’t know what to say. All I remember was thinking it wasn’t possible,” added Rivera.

Kishana said up to this day she wondered why no one tried to save her and her family members while they were drowning. It was just that one boat and a man named David Buckie who rescued Kishana’s stepfather.

“It was very sad, you know, because I was thinking to myself you know like maybe if I just got out there a minute earlier maybe I could have gotten the both of them,” said Buckie of Higganum.

While Kishana said she is thankful to be alive, grieving over her best friend has been more than painful.

Agli’s funeral was this past Monday. The family is still continuing to raise money for funeral costs. If you would like to help them, click here.