Senator Blumenthal proposing amendments to Senate healthcare bill

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HARTFORD — Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal spoke at the legislative office building in Hartford Monday, to go over amendments he would like to see added to the current proposed republican healthcare care bill.

This comes following his emergency field hearings both in Hartford and New Haven last week where hundreds of people came out to speak in protest of repealing the affordable care act, saying it would destroy healthcare for millions of families across the country.

Under the Republican‘s proposed plan, many Americans would lose access to critical health care services, and there would be cuts to Medicaid funding.

Blumenthal said he would like to eliminate drastic cuts in Medicaid, stop defunding of Planned Parenthood, maintain essential benefits, and eliminate tax cuts for the wealthy.

The Senator heads to Washington Monday with the goal of slowing the progress of this bill, and formulating a strategy on how to move forward.

Blumenthal hopes Republicans will abandon the effort by complete repeal. There will likely be a senate vote on the healthcare bill, which was released last Thursday, later this week.


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