Town officials pass ordinance banning guns on town property in Woodbridge

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WOODBRIDGE -- Town leaders have passed an ordinance prohibiting guns on all town owned property.

That includes Town Hall, libraries, playgrounds and even hiking trails.

Woodbridge First Selectman Ellen Scalettar said, "A municipality cannot regulate the gun industry like the Federal Government can; we cannot require mental health background checks or prohibit those on the no-fly list from buying guns. What we can do is regulate where those guns are carried and used in our town."

Town leaders say the law is a measure of protection however, Rich Burgess president of Connecticut Carry says it's a signal of overreach.

"We do not believe disarming people makes them safer. We don't believe that necessarily everybody needs to be armed. But we want people to have a choice."

Burgess says his organization will be taking legal action against the town for what he says is an illegal law.

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