Family sues after Woodbury man dies after not being seen in Waterbury ER for hours

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WATERBURY -- Imagine a close family members hurting from chest and abdominal pains. An ambulance takes him or her to a hospital only to wait hours for medical treatment. That's exactly what happened to 49 year old Abip Sadiku who dies of cardiac arrest in a hallway of Waterbury Hospital in August of 2016.

"He was their father. He took care of them. He provided for the whole family," says Joel Faxon, the lawyer for the Sadiku family.

Faxon is representing the Sadiku family in a negligence lawsuit against Waterbury hospital.

Faxon contacted the hospital in order to get video surveillance of the hallway where Mr. Sadiku died. They refused his request. So, FOX61 attempted to contact the hospital only to be met with a response saying, "Waterbury Hospital is committed to providing safe, high quality care to all of our patients, in all areas of the hospital."

"I'm sure they're committed to providing high quality care," says Faxon. "But they didn't provide any care to Mr. Sadiku."

The Department of Public Health sanctioned Waterbury Hospital over Mr. Sadiku's death saying, "The patient was not seen by a provider for 2 hours and 46 minutes after arrival."

The report also states that Waterbury Hospital policy on pain alert, "Requires evaluation by a provider within 5 minutes for patients with a pain source of 7-10/10" Mr. Sadiku arrived at Waterbury Hospital with a pain score of 10 out of 10.

"He was abandoned by Waterbury Hospital. He had a condition that was absolutely treatable, absolutely curable and he ends up dying in a hallway," says Faxon.

He expects a case like this to reach trial by 2020.