Pet of the Week: Earl

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HARTFORD -- Look at that face!

Earl is a pitbull/bull dog mix. He's a neutered male, about 5 years old.

He's described as a hard-knocks, marshamallow of a dog. He's very easy-going and has a calm, passive personality. Essentially, he's in a rush for nothing.

He was rescured from a local dog point where he'd been surrendered anonymously. The animal control officers arrived one morning to find him tied to their front door.

Earl was clearly neglected and seemes to have lived his prior life outside.

He has skin sores and some missing fure, likely from laying on the hard ground or concrete. There's also a bare spat on his neck form where an in-grown collar may have existed at some point.

Earl gets along with other dogs; loves people but has a very stoic, unenthusiastic way of showing it. This dude is in first gear, all the time.

Despite his neglectful past, Earl takes things in stride and enjoys his glass half-full.

For more information on Earl or other pets that need homes, contact the CT Humane Society.