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Glastonbury first responders discuss fireworks safety

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GLASTONBURY — As the Independence Day weekend kicked off, first responders warned against residents using fireworks.

All fireworks are illegal in Connecticut with the exception of fountain and handheld sparklers.  The rest, Glastonbury EMT John Ryan said, should be left to the professionals.

“Fireworks can burn at some 18 hundred degrees.  That will burn some metals.  Fourth of July tends to be busy for us, we get a fair number of calls.  You get a few ear injuries, people holding fireworks and they go off too close to your head, you can get flash injuries, being too close when something explodes which is never a good idea,” Ryan said.

He also said that the number one call for help over the holiday weekend is for burns.

“You want to keep a bucket of water, garden hose, close by just in case things go sound real fast,” Ryan said.  He added children should always be supervised when handling sparklers and it’s never safe to mix alcohol with firework use.

“Swimming accidents diving into water that’s too shallow and not checking ahead of time a lot of head and neck injuries,” Ryan said.  He said whenever you swim over the summer it is best to keep a buddy system.

“Going swimming in secluded areas is not a good idea, you want people to get in and help you if they can.  Always go where there’s a lifeguard,” Ryan said.

In any emergency situation always call 911 right away for help.

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