The 4th of July holiday offers plenty of road warnings

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HARTFORD -- The 4th of July might be all about fun but with so many people headed in so many different directions, accidents happen.

In Hartford, at the Travelers, they  are keenly aware that next week will be a busy one. The insurance giant expect many more auto collision claims over the next few days, just part of what they see over the July 4th holiday.

"It really is a perfect storm or everything that makes driving risky," said Second Vice President for Transportation Services and Traveler Risk Control, Chris Hayes.

Hayes noted that fuel costs which are at a 12-year low for July 4th, will add to the dimension on roadways; coupled with distractions like smart phones the dangers are enhanced. Factors like alcohol and driving late at night also weigh heavily into the equation.

"This is the time to enjoy the holiday but stay focused, don't be distracted, stay sober and be aware other people might not be as safe as you on the roads," said Hayes.

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