Over 100 illegal fireworks seized in East Lyme

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EAST LYME -- Over the weekend, the East Lyme Fire Marshal's Office, with assistance from the East Lyme Police Department and the Connecticut State Police Fire and Explosives Unit, seized over 100 fireworks that were not legal in Connecticut.

"As soon as it got dark the three areas that we suspected would have people working fireworks showed up,” Richard Morris, East Lyme’s Fire Marshal, said.

He explained that over the weekend they planted a marshal at three locations in town that have become popular launching spots for illegal fireworks over the years.

The locations included the dock off of Attawan Ave., another dock on the corner of East Shore Drive and Nehantic Drive, and at the beach off of Four Shore Drive near the Niantic Yacht Club. At the beach location the marshals found individuals with a kid’s wagon filled with illegal fireworks.  The individuals told authorities they were visiting friends in town, but were from New Hampshire, where the fireworks are legally sold.

No arrests were made in any of the incidents, but Morris said patrols will continue in the area through Tuesday night.

Morris encouraged the public to take advantage of public fire work displays that are put on by professionals. He warned about the dangers of handling illegal fireworks if you are not licensed to do do.

"When you're shooting within 100 feet of a house and 50 feet from kids… loss of life, loss of limb severe burns, they get very hot you're looking at devices that are 1500 to 2000 degrees and that's going to maim you,” Morris said.

Only sparklers and fountains, which are non-explosive and non-aerial, are legal in Connecticut, but sparklers and fountains can only be purchased and used by people who are 16 or older.