Stamford man arrested for stabbing and robbing a woman

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Donnell Blake Credit: Stamford Police

STAMFORD — A Stamford man is in police custody after stabbing and robbing a women early afternoon Monday.

Police received calls of a woman who had been stabbed in the chest on Henry Street Monday. After arriving to the scene, police discovered that the 29-year-old Stamford women was stabbed four times in the upper torso and bleeding badly.

Police say that the victim kept screaming a man “asked for the money” and then stabbed her after saying she did not have any. He then took her wallet and fled towards Washington Boulevard. ┬áThe victim cousin gave police a description the man.

Officers found a man walking on Pulaski Street and was arrested. Police say the man took off his shirt and threw the wallet away. Officers later found the wallet.

The victim was transported to Stamford Hospital where she was treated for non-life threatening stab wounds.

Donell Blake, 39, was charged with two counts of first degree robbery and assault in the first degree. He is being held on bond.  Police say Blake has a lengthy criminal record.