Police: Hartford man arrested after shooting Hartford firefighter in drug deal gone bad

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ROCKY HILL -- The man accused of shooting an off-duty Hartford firefighter in April was in New Britain Superior Court on Wednesday.

According the arrest warrant, on April 20th, shortly after 10  p.m, the Rocky Hill Police department got a 911 call from an on-duty member of the Hartford Fire Department who was were reporting that a fellow-off duty firefighter, Jimmy Ngo, had just been shot multiple times and was in need of immediate medical assistance.

Police responded to the area of 60 Belamose Avenue, the location of Master Halco Fence Company. Ngo was found with multiple gunshot wounds and other facial and head trauma. He was taken to Hartford Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery for his critical injuries.

State Police assumed the investigation, and discovered two crime scenes: One at C.A.R.S of Connecticut, where Ngo was shot, and at the Master Halco Fence Company where Ngo fled to and attempted to contact 911.

Court documents reveal Jesus Perez had claimed that a 3rd party had shot and assaulted Ngo after he didn't have the money for drugs that Ngo was trying to sell him. But police said there wasn't the evidence to back that claim up.

Ngo told police that he had known Perez for around 10 years and considered him a close friend, but Perez had considerable financial problems. Ngo had helped Perez often with money, but told Perez around the beginning of February that he could no longer help. Ngo went on to say that Perez came to him with the idea of a drug deal that took several months to set up. According to Ngo, he showed Perez the drugs the night of April 20th, and decided to leave once the buyer was late. Ngo says after that, Perez shot him in the back. Once Ngo turned around, Perez shot him at close range, hitting the side of his face.

Police say while inside the C.A.R.S of Connecticut where Perez worked, Perez shot Ngo four times and also repeatedly assaulted him with various objects, which resulted in the serious injuries.

Perez also stole Ngo's cell phone, car keys, Ngo's Toyota Camry, wallet, and an unknown quantity of cash and narcotics.

Perez later admitted to attempting to mislead investigators by tampering with evidence by means of discarding and cleansing bloody objects while at a car wash in Hartford, and by withholding evidence described by Perez himself as a knife and bloody clothing from the incident.

Jesus Perez was arraigned in New Britain Superior Court on July 5th, and is currently being held on $750,000 bond. His next court date is July 18th.

Hartford Fire Chief Reginald Freeman said in a statement:

“I am conducting a thorough investigation into any improper conduct related to this incident in conjunction with other city agencies. The Hartford Fire Department expects all employees to live by the highest ethical and professional standards at all times.  There is absolutely zero tolerance for the kind of illegal activity depicted/alleged in the arresting affidavit.   By no means, should this incident be reflective of the hard work and sacrifice that is demonstrated on a daily basis by the men and women of the Hartford Fire Department. After the investigation is complete, if warranted, this administration will determine what disciplinary measures need to be taken.”