Jury: Newlywed had husband killed to get his insurance money

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Uloma Walker-Curry (Courtesy: FOX 8 Cleveland)

CLEVELAND — An Ohio newlywed accused of soliciting her firefighter husband’s killing to collect $100,000 in insurance money has been convicted of aggravated murder in a scheme that was flawed from the start: His ex-wife was still the beneficiary of his policy.

A jury in Cleveland on Friday found 45-year-old Uloma Walker-Curry guilty in the November 2013 slaying of William Walker.

William Walker (Courtesy: FOX 8 Cleveland)

Prosecutors said Walker-Curry was nearing financial ruin and asked her teenage daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend to find someone to kill her husband for the insurance money. Prosecutors said the boyfriend contacted a cousin, who found someone to kill Walker.

One of Walker-Curry’s attorneys suggested to jurors that the woman’s daughter cooked up the plan.

Walker-Curry could be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.