New Haven home invasion shocks neighborhood

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NEW HAVEN --  An early Thursday morning home invasion in a typically quiet New Haven neighborhood has captured the attention of longtime residents.

New Haven police were called to the Wooster Square neighborhood to a basement apartment, at 28 Academy Street, at 3:58 a.m. on a call of a burglary in progress.

Upon arrival, police found a 25-year-old woman suffering from wounds to the head and face in her apartment, having been assaulted by a what police say was a lone Hispanic or white male intruder.

"Given that it was a woman and she was accosted, makes me think somebody was after that person," said Dolph Santello, who has lived in Wooster Square for over 50 years.

Police have not said whether they believe the attack was random or targeted.

"It just makes you remember to be careful and don't get too comfortable in your area," said longtime resident Patrick Lombardi.

The victim remains hospitalized in stable and improving condition.

"Things happen in the city and this is the first time that this is happening, something like this, for a super long time here," said Marcia Marquis, who has called Wooster Square home for 11 years.

A neighborhood watch group has grown to several hundred residents.

"There is a real network here," said another resident Charlotte Murphy. "It does keep things safe, which makes it doubly unusual."

Marc Osborne, another resident for over a decade, said, "I've traveled a great deal in my life. I grew up in Europe. I am a person who's been around the world in many many places and this is as lovely a place to live as anywhere I've ever been."

If you have any information about this home invasion, please know you can provide information to the New Haven police anonymously.