Two Torrington women arrested after puppy left in a hot car

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WATERBURY -- Two Torrington women were arrested Tuesday after leaving a weeks-old puppy in a hot car without water on Tuesday.

Diem Lam

Police say that temperatures inside the car was around 105 degrees when an officer was forced to break the window and vent the heat out while the women were visiting a Buffalo Wild Wings.

Police responded to Buffalo Wild Wings on Union Avenue after a Terryville woman told officers she heard the puppy, a white, seven-week-old Pomeranian mix barking inside the car Tuesday afternoon around 2:30.

A Waterbury city animal control officer arrived, finding the puppy under the driver's seat of the car. Police used an infrared thermometer to figure out the heat inside the car, and then called for help after realizing the puppy would die if it wasn't removed.

Police say Officer Tammy Adler arrived at the scene. Adler couldn't find the dog's owner, so she used her baton to shatter the window.

The puppy was taken to Mattatuck Animal Hospital where it was tested for possible heat stroke.

Han Pham

Police arrested Diam Lam, 31, and Ham Pham, 26, of Torrington, were charged with animal cruelty. They eventually arrived back to the car and told Officer Adler that "They didn't feel like there was anything wrong with leaving her in the vehicle."