A Whale of a promotion in Hartford

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HARTFORD -- More than a year and a half in the making, the Hartford Whalers Alumni weekend has come to the capital city.

Honoring the hockey players from the past, the Yard Goats are hosting 13 players who came to Hartford from all over North America.

"They're coming from Canada, California, they're coming from the middle of America," said Jeff Dooley, the PR director and voice of the Yard Goats."

Mike Rogers, who played for the Whalers in the 1980's, traveled to Hartford from his home in Calgary.

"To come here and see a few games and meet the people it will just be great."

Whaler Dave Babych who played in Hartford from 1985 to 1991 added, "when we were here there wasn't a lot going on in downtown Hartford so what a great spot."

For their three game series with the Trenton Thunder, the Goats will adorn Whalers themed jerseys complete with the Yard Goat chewing on a hockey stick.

Dooley added "It's so cool seeing the past and present come together."