Multi-vehicle accident requires ‘Jaws of Life’ to save occupant

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WESTPORT – A multi-vehicle accident on the Sherwood Island Connector early Friday afternoon required the “Jaws of Life” to save one of the vehicle’s occupants.

On July 14 around 12 P.M., the Westport Fire Department, EMS, and police were called for a multi-vehicle accident with possible extrication on the Sherwood Island Connector in the area of the transfer station.

The first arriving engine confirmed a three-vehicle accident, deployed a protective hose line for potential fire suppression, and assessed the patients. Firefighters said it was then determined that one person was trapped in a vehicle and that extrication from the vehicle was required.

When Rescue arrived, they began extrication. The crew stabilized the vehicle, utilized hydraulic cutters, and reciprocated saws and hydraulic spreaders AKA “Jaws of Life”. Once extricated, the occupant was turned over to Emergency Medical Services for treatment and was transported to a nearby medical facility.

Five additional patients were treated on scene and transported to medical facilities by Westport EMS.