Police searching for teens responsible for dismembering woman in car crash

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HARTFORD --  Two people are in the hospital, one with a dismembered leg, after a horrific car crash Tuesday afternoon.

Hartford police said they responded to the incident around 1 p.m., after a report of two pedestrians who were struck by a stolen car.

Police said the Toyota Highlander traveled northbound on Sigourney Street, then eastbound on Ashley  Street when it lost control, struck two pedestrians, then crashed into a gate. One pedestrian lost one, possibly both of her legs due to the impact of the crash and is in critical condition, according to police.

"She flew over there and her leg was still on the fence," described Darinisha Sheriden, who witnessed the incident. "You see stuff like that on movies like literally, her flesh and blood was all over that fence… her sneaker was still there and her body was way over there."

Both victims were taken to St. Francis Hospital & Medical Center and are expected to survive, the male is in stable condition.

Police say the car was allegedly stolen from West Hartford Tuesday morning. Police are using cameras in the area to help with the investigation. Police said they are looking for six teens in connection with this incident.

Neighbors say the area of impact is a spot people often hang out and are shocked more people weren't injured.

"There are lots of people that hang right there, they’re passing between the two stores," Neighbor Mark Beaulieu said. "You got the people that sit up on the grass at the tree, at the point of impact that could have been run over today, you have the people, where the vehicle is resting it's front tires, they sit on that wall, they could have been killed."

Beaulieu said the incident is opening his eyes to an ongoing issue in the area, speeding. He and his neighbors plan to push for speed bumps on Ashley Street.

Police said they have responded to three incidents in the past 24 hours involving stolen motor vehicles. A car reported stolen out of Meriden, hit police cruisers overnight, leading to an arrest. Tuesday morning, a stolen car from Wethersfield was found on Adelaide St. in Hartford, after shots were fired.

All three incidents were believed to be key fob thefts, where a car with a wireless key is still within range of it while parked, enabling a thief to open the door and start the car uninhibited.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Hartford police at 860-757-4000.