‘Home of Distinction’ to benefit Southington soup kitchen

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HARTFORD - Tours of Home of Distinction are benefiting an incredible organization in Southington, a soup kitchen called Bread For Life where volunteers have been serving those in need for more than 30 years.

Donner Ayer, in charge of running the soup kitchen, says their clients do not live in great situations. She says some of them live in their car, in tents, or run-down housing. It's when they walk into Bread for Life though that their mood brightens.

Ayer says that 85 percent of the food they use comes from food drives. They now store all of the goods on-site in their brand new warehouse, so Chef Bob has everything he needs from fruits to breadcrumbs readily available. Veggies from their Common Good Garden also regularly appear in dishes.

Bread for Life donates an estimated 40,000 meals per year, thanks to donations from the public and from projects such as this one.

Don't miss your chance to donate when the tours of Home of Distinction begin in September.

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