Pet of the Week – Cookie Monster and Captain Crunch

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HARTFORD - Today's Pet(s) of the Week are two ferrets, Cookie Monster (girl) and Captain Crunch (boy). They have quite the story.

They were found together a few weeks ago roaming in a cemetery by a couple attending a funeral!

They seem to be about 2 years old and are healthy and vaccinated. They are also previously spayed/neutered.

These two love napping together and being held by people. They even give you kisses.

Ferrets can live 7-9 years with proper care and should have routine vet exams and vaccinations. They're smart and can be litter box trained and are very social. They need time out of a cage each day, similar to a rabbit or guinea pig. They also love to steal and hide things and are very curious, like kittens!

They eat ferret kibble and can be friends with other pets depending on everyone's personalities.

For more information on Cookie Monster, Captain Crunch, or other pets that need homes, contact the CT Humane Society.