Pet of the Week – Dolly

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HARTFORD -- Dolly is a 13- 15-year-old  female Jack Russell Terrier mix.

Dolly showed up wandering, and was impounded and never claimed. Someone had to have cared for her in her lifetime for her to live to this age! But, it is a mystery how this loving sweet dog could somehow be separated from her owner and end up in a local pound.

She has bad teeth, arthritic hips, and cataracts. She is too aged to undergo any corrective surgical procedures, so the docs are helping to make her comfortable.

She is not conceding her fight! She has a strong spirit, and plays every day to win and see the next.

She needs a selfless home, that understands that she’s not long for this world, and will promise not to drag her to the vet for unnecessary and moot procedures like dental surgery, etc.

It would also be important that the person have experience with older dogs, so they can appreciate when “that time” is coming, and know how to handle it.

She gets along with everyone, and would be safe with kids, but a quiet home would be best for her. She does love her naps!

To learn more about Dolly or other pets that need homes, contact Protectors of Animals.