‘Extraordinary’ number of medical transports made from Chance The Rapper concert in Hartford

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HARTFORD -- Police said an "extraordinary number" of concert-goers were taken to local hospitals Friday night. Those transports were mainly for severe alcohol intoxication, according to police.

Singer, songwriter, Chance The Rapper performed to a sold-out crowd at the Xfinity Theater in Hartford. Deputy Police Chief Brian Foley told FOX 61 that there was a high number of underage drinking summonses.

"Additional steps will have to be taken to address these issues at these concerts," said Foley.

Foley added "this detail of HPD Officers made 50 Underage Drinking referrals in the surrounding parking lots. Several other arrests were also made by officers throughout the evening. Most of those charged with Underage Drinking were issued a “Promise to Appear” summons. The court appearances will occur at Hartford Community Court on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Thursday being the heaviest scheduled day)."

Foley said the majority of attendees "appeared to be in the late teens and early 20’s."

"Tailgating, partying and excessive alcohol consumption was extremely prevalent. As a result, medical staff assigned to the event transported over 90+ patients by ambulance to hospitals in the region. A large number of these transports were for underage (under 21yo) concert goers experiencing severe intoxication. We will look for a break down and clarification on the transports in the coming days," Foley said.

On July 6, police said there were 14 underage drinking referrals at the Zac Brown Band concert at the Xfinity.

Early in the evening the Deputy Chief tweeted out videos of the crowds tailgating before the concert.

Foley wants parents of teens to be completely aware of what circumstances can arise at some of the younger, party themed concerts.

"Parents and children attending concerts need to make responsible and realistic decisions," said Foley.

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