New Haven Police investigating a shooting involving a 13 year-old boy

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NEW HAVEN -- A 13-year old was shot around 3 p.m. on Shelton Avenue and Ivy Street. This comes just a week after Tyrick Keyes, 14, of New Haven who was also shot and killed. Both of the shootings happened just blocks from each other.

Police say the 13-year old was shot in the leg and he was transported to Yale-New Haven Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Residents in the area said they are extremely frustrated with the violence involving young teens and said the community needs to step up to make changes.

“I heard one shot. It was like a pow and then there was like two or three and four more,” said Antonio Lucky of New Haven.

Lucky said he was in the area when he heard gunshots.

“I went to go turn the corner and heard a lot of kids crying and screaming,” added Lucky.

Lucky believed it was his cousin’s friend who was shot by the basketball court. As someone who has lived in New Haven for several years, crimes like these are no surprise to him but he said he is fed up.

"That’s hating! That’s hating. New Haven really has a black cloud on it and this is sad,” added Lucky.

Shortly after it happened, a man was talking in a speaker as he was driving in a can spreading messages of peace.

Many times, the basketball court is used for tournaments where young teens go to have fun and stay active. However, with the frequent shootings, residents said it is not even safe to have those tournaments anymore.

“It’s a sad case, you know? Why are we shooting in New Haven? Why are you retaliating against something that has no sense of retaliation?” said Kendall Hurse of New Haven.

Hurse said he has worked closely with community activists with hopes to bring change but believes that can only do so much.

“Where’s the cops? There were cops walking the beat last Sunday. Do you see any cops? They took them and put them downtown on the Green” added Hurse.

Meanwhile, the mother of Tyriek Keyes lives each day hoping to hear her son’s shooter is found. She only has pictures to look back on now and she said giving up is not an option.

“I’m begging anyone who knows anything about the shooting of my son to please come forward,” said Demethra Telford of New Haven.