Pet of the Week – Clifford

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HARTFORD -- Clifford is a year-and-a-half-year-old Guinea Pig who was living with 17 other family members! That household started with a few and things got out of hand because the boys were mixed in with girls. Someone who knew of the situation worked with the owners and helped get them to a shelter.

Many of the females were pregnant and they gave birth a few days after arriving at the shelter, who put out a request for donations of carefresh guinea pig bedding, Oxbow adult guinea pig food, and “pigloos” because they’re going through it like crazy!

Some of the piggies have already gone home and the babies will be ready in about a month.

Many were shy and weren’t sure about being held, but have improved their social skills.

Clifford was healthy and his fur coat was nice. He got a nail trim after being evaluated by vets.

For more information on Clifford or other pets that need homes, contact the CT Humane Society.