Police arrest Avon woman in connection with West Hartford dog attack

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Katherine Stevenson

WEST HARTFORD —  Police have arrested the owner of the dog they said attacked an elderly man last week.

Police charged the owner, Katherine Stevenson, 41, of Avon, was charged with assault 2nd degree of an elderly person; reckless endangerment 1st degree; violation of a restraint order;  nuisance dog by means of vicious disposition;  and having a roaming dog. She is currently being held on a $10,000 bond and has a scheduled court date on August 3.  The victim, William Chesanek, 79, of Bloomfield, was taken to St. Francis hospital where he received injuries to his ribs, hand, bicep and a fractured pelvis.

Stevenson’s dog, according to police, “had a long history of aggressive behavior, having violently attacked 2 people in the past. The dog was currently under a Restraint Order issued by Avon Animal Control where it was supposed to be wearing a basket muzzle and a full harness with a control leash attached. The owner, Katherine Stevenson, failed to secure the dog on this day as required by the Restraint Order and the dog again attacked an innocent victim, this time at 56 Iroquois Rd.”

West Hartford police said the attacked occurred around 7 p.m., Monday.  Police said several neighbors witnessed the attack and came forward to assist the victim.

“The dog was separated from the victim several times but each time it came off, it returned to the victim.  The Boxer mix was secured by animal control upon their arrival.  It was reported that the dog was able to get free from the residence it was in,” said police.

“The dog owner and the victim were both visiting separate people on Iroquois when the incident happened,” said police.

Stevenson decided to euthanize her dog after the incident.