Expert: North Korea year away from developing nuclear missiles that can reach US

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(FILE PHOTO) North Korea test-firing a ballistic missile.

A leading North Korea expert said the country is a year and a half away from creating a nuclear missile capable of reaching the United States.

Some time in the next year, North Korea expert Gordon Chang told Fox News, “they will have a nuclear missile capable of hitting the United States and we will have to make a decision about how we deter North Korea.”

More recently, South Korea said it was noticing new activity at a site from where Pyongyang has launched missiles in the past.

Chang believes the Trump administration understands the threat.  At a security conference in Aspen over the weekend, Gen. Joe Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that diplomacy should be allowed to play out for a few more months and then “there may have to be a follow-up option, which is the military option.”


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