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Parents of Bridgeport teen killed by police square off over boy’s estate

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BRIDGEPORT --  The family of a 15 year old shot to death by a Bridgeport police officer in May went to a hearing Monday in order to determine who should be named administrator of the boy's estate.

Attorneys for Jayson Negron's parents, who split up six years ago, were in Bridgeport Probate Court arguing over Monday. An attorney for the Negron's mother attorney said it should not be the boy's father, claiming he has never consistently been there for his son.

Attorney David Rosen, representing Jayson Negron's mother, Natasha Tosado, argued the primary reason Jayson Negron's father, Juan Negron, should not be named administrator of the boys estate.

"If he's going to get half the estate, your Honor, he should pass a, he should take a paternity test," said Rosen.

Juan Negron's name is not listed on Jayson Negron's birth certificate and the boy's family questions whether he really is the boy's the father. But, Probate Judge Paul Ganim, who is Mayor Joseph Ganim's brother, referred to two documents Jayson Negron's currently incarcerated mother signed within the last six years, both stating that Juan Negron is indeed the boy's biological father. Judge Ganim called the mother's flip-flopping "a charade."

"In 2011, he'a dad and in 2014, he's dad, up until there's potentially a claim for money and then say he's not the dad?" queried the judge.

Juan Negron's attorney, Harold Rosnick, noted the State of Connecticut Superior Court, on a petition, in March of this year, acknowledged Juan Negron is Jayson Negron's  father and "reappointed him as the sole custodian of Jayson Negron," said  Rosnick.

Ultimately, Judge Ganim decided to appoint Bridgeport attorney Christopher Goulden as the administrator of Jason Negron's estate, at least on a temporary basis.

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