First on Fox: Hartford police recover 16 stolen cars in day-long crackdown

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HARTFORD – Hartford Police are cracking down on auto theft, a growing problem across Connecticut.

Hartford Police Major Crimes Division recovered 16 stolen cars Monday, in an auto theft enforcement saturation across the city. Police say majority of the vehicles recovered were not from Hartford.

Police also brought in two dirt bikes, one which was reported stolen out of East Hartford, and two quads. About two dozen officers were involved in the effort to combat the auto theft problem in the city.

“We need to address this more,” Hartford Police Lt. Paul Cicero said. “It's not just a Hartford problem, it's a problem all over the state of Connecticut.”

Lt. Cicero stresses the importance of taking your keys out of your car, and locking it. “Out of the last 45 cars in the state of Connecticut that were entered as stolen, I believe 33 of them were stolen with the keys,” he said.

One car recovered, Monday, was stolen from an apartment complex in West Hartford. Police said the keys were left inside. Another car, stolen from Middletown and recovered occupied on Brooks Street, also had keys, according to police.

Within hours, police made a total of nine arrests and served four outstanding warrants, one which was a parole hold. A juvenile was also arrested in the sting. “Most of the people we arrested today have priors for burglary, auto theft related crimes,” Lt. Cicero said.

Police also recovered two stolen license plates and five misuse registrations. Hartford Police have an auto theft unit that works daily on the issue.

Police said Monday’s efforts were extremely successful and plan to do several more saturation patrols this year.

According to police, of the 16 stolen motor vehicles recovered, 11 were stolen with keys.  Eleven of the recovered cars were stolen from out of town.  Only five cars recovered during the operation were Hartford thefts.  The cars recovered were worth $145,750.  Auto thefts in the city are about Hartford are down 14% from this time last year.


Arrested were:

Jermaine Davis, 28, of Wethersfield, was charged with a probation violation.

Daryn Johnson, 32, of Hartford, was charged with larceny 3rd, tampering w/a motor vehicle

London Jones, 44, of Windsor, was charged with Larceny 3rd and a  Windsor PD Warrant

Jose Padilla, 19, of Hartford,  was charged with Larceny 2nd, Tampering w/a M/V, Criminal Trover 2nd

Christopher Cruz-Morales, 23, of Hartford, was charged with Larceny 2nd, Tampering w/a M/V

Dale Barrows, 27, of East Hartford, was charged with Larceny 3rd, Operating all Terrain/City Street

Juvenile 17, of East Hampton, was charged with Larceny 2nd, Operating motor vehicle w/o a license, Disobeying Signal of Officer Take into Custody Order on auto theft related charges

The case stolen were:

  •  2014 Audi A6, Farmington w/keys
  • 2007 Chevy Equinox, Hartford w/keys
  • 2004 Chevy Malibu, Wethersfield w/keys
  • 2012 Ford Focus, Hartford w/keys
  • 2012 Ford Fusion, Rocky Hill w/keys
  • 2013 Ford Fusion, South Windsor w/keys
  • 2004 Honda Civic, Hartford w/keys
  • 2001 Hyundai Sonata, West Hartford w/keys
  • 2007 Lexus ES350, Newington
  • 1994 Honda Accord, Hartford
  • 2011 Kawasaki KX250 Dirt Bike, East Hartford
  • 2002 Ford Explorer, Middletown w/keys
  • 2004 Ford Taurus, Hartford w/keys
  • 1998 Chevy Prizm, Manchester
  • 2016 Subaru Forester, West Hartford w/keys
  • 2013 Acura TL, Farmington
  • Four (4) Off-Road vehicles towed; two dirt bikes, two ATV’s


  • Two Misdemeanor Summons Arrests issued (m/v related charges) One  stolen registration plate recovered, Two  out of town warrants served, One take into custody order served