Middletown man arrested for allegedly starting knife fight

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Dwayne Lamar Credit: Middletown Police

MIDDLETOWN — Police arrested a man who allegedly started a knife fight outside a restaurant Thursday evening.

Middletown Police responded to Herd Restaurant on Main Street.  Police said they arrived to officers on the scene who had already detained Dwayne Griffith, 23.

One of the detectives had in his possession a Gerber multi-tool. He said Griffith gave him the weapon.

The Gerber multi-tool contained pliers, a two inch knife blade, and a file. Griffith told police that he was walking his father to a waiting car, when he turned around and saw three men were approaching him. He said the men were going to fight him.

Griffith then told police that he pulled the knife out due to the three men.

Police said that a witness told them that she saw some men arguing in the parking lot, when one man in green jacket, pulled a knife out. The woman said she saw the man with the knife motioning the others, saying “come on, come on.”

Griffith was wearing a green coat and the witness identified him as the man holding the knife.

Police said that Griffith did not flee and gave his knife willingly to police.

Griffith was arrested and charged with breach of peace in the second degree and carrying a dangerous weapon