PD: Prisoner escapes jail and murders warden’s daughter

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Amanda Leigh Carney. Facebook

CLAIBORNE PARISH, LA —  A Louisiana inmate escaped from prison then kidnapped and killed an assistant warden’s step-daughter, according to KSLA.

KSLA said Deltra Henderson, 39, escaped from David Wade Correctional Center Thursday where he then kidnapped 19-year-old Amanda Leigh Carney, who lived on the prison grounds with her family, including her assistant-warden stepdad, James Arnold.

Henderson then crashed a stolen car north of the prison where Carney body was later found stabbed to death.

Deltra Henderson, 39. Credit: Union Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Police told KSLA that Henderson then made contact with another resident in the area and stole another car before crashing it as well.  Police said Henderson then entered a nearby home of the prison grounds, located a gun where gun fight ensued with Henderson and police.

Henderson was fatally shot.

“Authorities worked to capture Henderson peacefully, but he fired shots at officers and they returned fire,” according to a statement released by police late Thursday.

Amanda Leigh Carney. Facebook

Henderson was serving time on one count each of attempted armed robbery, aggravated burglary, and cocaine distribution.

He was incarcerated since 2001 and was set to get out of prison in  March 2025, according to KSLA.