Milford police crack down on illegal ATV activity

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MILFORD – It has been an ongoing issue in all parts of Connecticut – people riding ATV’s on public roads.

Milford Police have been cracking down on them and residents have been worried about their safety.

One of the streets that has seen disruption is Innsbruck Street; residents said they constantly hear loud revving noises at all hours of the day.

“We just hear loud, you know, the engines revving and things like that,” said Lee Avellanet of Milford.

Police said most of the time, the ATV’s are unregistered which makes it illegal to operate on public roads.

“It's that the operator of these vehicles are aware that police are most likely not going to engage them, so they come in contact and even if the police arrive, they speed off,” said Michael DeVito of the Milford Police Department.

Instead of going after them, DeVito said they must follow the department’s pursuit policy which is to not chase them.

“Well, you know it’s certainly with the warmer weather that they’ve increased, so we get these calls on a weekly basis,” added DeVito.

Several people around town have captured pictures of ATV riders and they have posted them to the police department’s social media pages.

“I have a 19-month old daughter, so if I’m driving, I would hate to be sideswiped or something like that or stop abruptly with her in the background so really, it’s just safety for everyone,” added Avellanet.
Police are advising everyone to contact the immediately if you spot any ATV riders. They said the more this gets out on social media, the more action police can take to put a stop to it.