State and local officials discuss proposed changes for the Silver Sands State Park sandbar

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MILFORD – State and local officials are considering of making changes to the sandbar at Silver Sands State Park after a 28-year old man drowned last month.

The man swam out to the sandbar when a strong current suddenly swept him underwater and he never resurfaced.

Officials said this is happening too often and they are looking for ways to put a stop to it.

State Representative Kim Rose said there are currently signs out on the sandbar to warm swimmers, but she said the message is not strong enough.

According to Rose, Milford has had 29 water rescues in the last two years at the State Park.

Rose added the common misconception swimmers have is they swim out the sandbar when the tide is low, but by the time the tide comes back, they are not close enough to shore or able to swim away from it fast enough before it swallows them. She said the State Park attracts a quarter of a million people each year, bringing a very diverse crowd to Milford and that is why she is hoping to put signs up in different languages.

“Whether it be stronger language in the signage, monitoring as it is now the statement from DEEP was that they did not have lifeguards on duty which I find unacceptable at this time of the year as well as the fact that they don't monitor a no-swim zone which also, I find unacceptable,” said State Rep. Kim Rose.

Rose will be meeting next Tuesday with the mayor of Milford along with DEEP and first responders to discuss the proposed changes and the dangers of the sandbar.