Plan in place to keep kids safer in New Haven

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NEW HAVEN -- Two weeks ago, two teenage boys were shot in unrelated incidents just a couple of blocks from one another in the Newhallville section of New Haven. One boy died.
And now, the community is formulating a plan to try to prevent this from happening again.

The movement toward a safer Newhallville for kids began during last Wednesday's press conference to update the public on he shooting death of 14-year-old Tyrick Keyes. Residents became restless and disrupted the media briefing.

"We know what New Haven has to offer," said Odell Copper, the mother of a 24 year old shot to death in the neighborhood last year. "We know that you're good. We know that you care about our community. But, our children are still dying in the streets."

Tuesday evening, police met with residents of the neighborhood to help formulate what's being called the Newhallville Grassroots Action Plan, which includes more engagement between cops and kids.

"And what their fears are and why they might turn to gun violence and it's not a new concept, but kind of reinvigorating that concept," said Lt. Karl Jacobson, of the New Haven Police Department.

Police will also use street outreach workers to connect with kids

"Sometimes they go to areas and talk to people that don't want to talk to us and that's fine, as long as somebody's talking," Jacobson said.

Police say they met with many individuals they never crossed paths with before.

"We introduced ourselves being the commanders in the detective bureau and cause we're gonna we're not gonna let this happen again," said Lt. Herb Johnson of the New Haven Police Department.

Not many attendees would reveal ideas discussed in the meeting, but parents keeping a closer eye on each other's kids and connecting high school graduates with employment were among the topics.

Police are working several good leads in the Tyriek Keyes homicide investigation, including a tip from an individual, who claims to have seen something important. Anonymous tips may be phoned in to (203) 946-6304