Find peace and adventure at ‘Fields of Fire’ aerial ropes park in Mystic

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MYSTIC - Problem solving, exercising, adventure.

The direction at Fields of Fire in Mystic has changed: paintball is "out", an aerial ropes park is "in".

"We opened five years ago as strictly a paintball park.  We noticed that the market has changed a little bit," explains owner Tom Vignato. "We decided to try something new.  We did some research and put the aerial park in and it’s really changed everything for us."

But the mission remains the same: to get folks off the the devices..and into nature.  "We have five courses. Two beginner, two intermediate and an expert," says Vignato.  First, participants suit-up for safety from head to toe.  They learn how to use the Smart Balay System.  One side always stays locked to the course.  Participants navigate tight ropes, swinging steps and wooden bridges.  The security of the safety line can help folks overcome a fear of heights.

The park features eleven zip lines.  The biggest one runs along I-95.  "It’s really neat because you’re so high, you’re zipping in and there’s so much activity," says Vignato. "You’ve got cars beeping at you as you’re going by and you’re waving to people."  Imagine this experience in the dark!  It's become a popular reality.  "We stay open late now, especially in the summertime," says Vignato.  "We’ve lit the whole park up. The lighting looks amazing. We’re so happy with it."

So, try-out an activity that keeps you present and engaged in a town that's brimming with tourism.  "You can fit us into a morning or afternoon with a nice meal and another activity," says Vignato.  "Take a walk in the woods, stay afterwards at night and come enjoy yourselves."

Boredom is not an option!

Three hours in the aerial park costs $57.00 for adults and $49.00 for children.  Click here for more information.