Suffield family grateful to first responders who rescued them after dramatic accident

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SUFFIELD -- A mother from Suffield is thanking the first responders who helped her and her children out of their car after an unusual accident during Wednesday’s storm.

Lisa Beaulieu told FOX61 she was driving home from her mother-in-law’s house with her two young children, ages 4 and 5, when the storm hit abruptly.

“I never anticipated it would get that bad,” she said.

When she reached Mountain Road in Suffield, she said she saw some debris falling from a tree up ahead, which caused a telephone pole to snap toward its top.

“At that point, we were pretty much right underneath it,” said Beaulieu.

She explained, “What we didn’t know at the time was that there was a wire still attached to it.”

Beaulieu said the wire somehow got lodged underneath her car and lifted them into the air. All three of them were OK but trapped.

She called 911 from the car and said the dispatcher stayed with her on the phone the whole time.

Emergency crews from Suffield responded, along with Eversource to make sure that wire wasn’t live. Eventually, they were able to open the doors and carry the children out safely. Then they brought a ladder over to Beaulieu’s side and helped her out that way.

In all, they were in that car balancing on its rear bumper for around 45 minutes.

“I was panicking but I did understand obviously,” she said. “They knew that we were in the car. I knew that we were safe.”

Beaulieu said, “The dispatcher was amazing, the firefighters, everybody that approached us and helped us out made my kids feel very safe. The EMS team that took us out of the scene were so, so good with my kids. They just made us feel so calm and safe, and so that made the situation better.”