10 people feeling ill after coming in contact with suspicious package at IRS building

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City firefighters are on the scene of a hazardous material situation at the IRS building Friday, according to FOX 4.

According to James Garrett with the Kansas City Fire Department, about 10 people were in the mail room when a suspicious package showed up.

Those 10 people complained of chest pains, vomiting and sweating. At least seven people taken by ambulance to be treated.

Police are trying to figure out the best way to open the package to see what’s inside. It has an odor of ammonia, but no powder or any other substance on the outside.

“We are inside the building,” Garrett said. “We have the box isolated, so we have the box away from everybody else. It’s in a room where it’s isolated. We have that part of it done. We haven’t gotten to exactly what the substance is yet.”

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