Blumenthal introduces bill to stop Trump from firing special counsel

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HARTFORD —Senator Richard Blumenthal introduced a new bill to stop President Donald J. Trump from firing special counsel Robert Mueller.  Mueller recently issued grand jury subpoenas in the Trump/Russia probe.

This comes in after Trump directly mentioned Blumenthal several times in a series of tweets. Blumenthal seem to not be distracted by the President’s statements, saying the bill is the important issue. Senator Blumenthal tweeted back at President Trump, restating what he said earlier in his speech.

In a flurry of early morning tweets Monday, Trump says “the Trump base far bigger & stronger than ever before (despite some phony Fake News polling).” He specifically criticized the “failing @nytimes.” The New York Times detailed efforts by some Republicans looking ahead to 2020, including Vice President Mike Pence. Pence called the report false.President Donald Trump is insisting his support is stronger than ever, despite a report that some Republicans are weighing a 2020 presidential run without him.

Trump also tweets that he is “working hard” from his private golf club in central New Jersey, while the White House heating and cooling system is repaired, and plans to head to New York next week for “more meetings.” He also reiterated personal attacks on Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal.