Jillian Michaels: I was on a horror vacation in Italy

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In a tense argument, Jillian Michaels held her ground with a yacht crew who demanded more money because the ‘mafia in Capri’ had depleted their fuel money, despite already paying them $60,000 to sail the Amalfi Coast, reported the Daily Mail.

Michaels said she feared for her safety after chartering a pricey yacht to cruise around the Italian coast for 12 days, only to be ‘held hostage’ for more money.

The Biggest Loser star said she booked a luxury boat online but later learned that the boat was filthy, had no hot water nor wi-fi, and had electrical problems.

The 43-year-old trainer said the crew then demanded extra money for fuel on the third day of the trip because the gas cash had been drained by mobsters in Capri.

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