Sound proofing of homes taking off at Tweed

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NEW HAVEN --  It seems impossible to think you could live next to an airport and virtually hear no planes taking off or landing. However, the Good Neighbor program is starting to take off at Tweed New Haven Airport, thanks to $3 million in funding from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Residents of about 180 homes, near Tweed New Haven Airport, will no longer be hearing this.

On June 1, the day after having their home soundproofed, at no cost to her and her husband, Kim Makres was stunned.

"I wasn't able to hear the 6 AM flight, which I usually hear every morning over coffee," said Makres.

Each of the homes is soundproofed at a cost of $35,000-$45,000.

"It's heating and air-conditioning, insulation, windows and doors," said Tim Larson, the Exuctive Director of the airport.

And, Larson noted, each of the homeowners qualified by surpassing a noise level threshold

"95% is FAA funded," Larson said. "The city and state also contribute."

More than 35 homes are complete, with 50 more ready for takeoff next spring

"I think everybody should go for this program," said Makres. "I think everyone that throughout the paper didn't believe it and I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of takers."

Officials claim 97% of the noise from air traffic is eliminated, which a good thing, considering the airport is hoping to lengthen it's runways in the next 3 years, to accommodate more corporate and commercial traffic.

"We're hoping to go direct to Florida everybody wants to do that that lives in this area and I can't wait for there to be in Chicago flight so we can get connected to the Midwest," said Mayor Toni N. Harp (D-New Haven).

The next phase of sound proofing, which are the 50 homes scheduled to start next spring, should be completed by October of 2018. The remaining 100 homes will be completed as federal money becomes available.