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Brown water coming from Bristol faucets during water dept. maintenance

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BRISTOL -- Homeowners in Bristol were surprised to find brown and discolored water coming from their faucets Monday evening. They posted photos of cups and tubs full of brown water on the "Bristol Talks" Facebook page.

“We were making dinner. I went to wash my hands and I was like, ‘Oh, the water is all brown,’ said Heather Tampellini who lives on Wanda Drive.

“So we checked all of our bathrooms, we have two bathrooms, and then we checked the bathtub. We were like ‘Oh, something’s going on,’” she said.

It's the temporary result of routine maintenance going on in the city through Wednesday. The Bristol Water Department is flushing hydrants and said residents could experience low pressure and discolored water for short periods afterwards.

The affected streets include Karen Rd, Moody St, King St, Carpenter Ave, Jennifer Rd, Morris Ave, Concetta Ln, Regency Ct, Spark Ave, Bristol Eastern High School, Stonecrest Dr, Castle Rd, Madison Dr, Gayle Dr, Topview Ter, Garfield Rd, Cobble Hill, W Washington St, Posa Dr Artisan St. and surrounding areas.

The department posted an alert on its website, its Facebook page, in the Bristol Press and on Nutmeg TV, according to Superintendent Robert Longo. He also said customers who have signed up for e-mail alerts received notification in their inboxes.

Tampellini said she was not aware and wished the alert came in the mail.

“Not everybody checks that stuff so when you don't know and you’re doing laundry and you’re doing dishes and your water is brown, it’s disgusting,” she said.

Longo said although it is a temporary inconvenience, this maintenance is important to avoid much bigger issues such as water main breaks in the future.

He said the water is "safe" despite its appearance. The department does recommend refraining from washing clothes during this period.

He said customers who experience discolored water could let their faucets run until it goes clear. The water should naturally settle and return to its normal color again in a few hours.

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