7 youths arrested after stolen car chase through Westport, Norwalk

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NORWALK -- Police arrested seven juveniles after a stolen car chase through two towns that ended in a crash early Wednesday morning.

Around 3:30 a.m. Westport police were called to Chapel Hill Road for a motor vehicle theft in progress, according to police.  Officers saw a gray GMC Acadia on West Parish Road traveling at a high rate of speed.  When police tried to stop the SUV but it sped off onto the Post Road traveling east. The driver turned around suddenly and attempted to strike two police vehicles. Officers avoided the collision and the chased the SUV westbound on Post Road East before ending the pursuit because the speeds were high and the chase was dangerous.

A short time later, a Norwalk officer saw the GMC Acadia travelling westbound on Westport Avenue near Dry Hill Road and attempted to stop the vehicle. Police said the driver sped up and turned off the headlights. The officer lost sight of the stolen vehicle but broadcast a description and a last know direction of travel.

Moments later, officers saw the vehicle travelling northbound on the Route 7 connector without headlights on. Officers attempted to catch up to the vehicle however; they lost sight of it near exit 3. After checking the Merritt Parkway and the remainder of the Route 7 Connector for the vehicle, officers arrived at the end the Route 7 Connector, they found the SUV on its side along the shoulder of Grist Mill Road. Police said the youths, all males from the New Haven area, were arrested. They were taken to  Norwalk Hospital for evaluation, but none of them sustained injuries.

Police said three of them had active Take into Custody Orders in New Haven. Another male had an active arrest warrant in New Haven and another male had been reported missing out of New Haven.

One juvenile was charged with Larceny 1, Conspiracy to Commit Larceny 1, Interfering with Police Officer, Reckless Operation, Engaging Pursuit and Operating without a License.

The other six were charged with Larceny 1, Conspiracy to Commit Larceny 1 and Interfering.

Police also said:

The Westport Police Department stresses the importance of locking your vehicle and taking your key / fob inside.  We have advised multiple times in the past about locking your vehicles, but unfortunately the message is not getting through.  As you can see from the events of last night, it is not merely a property crime.  Officers, civilians and the suspects themselves are all at risk of injury or death in events such as these.  Please remember that the majority of vehicle break ins and thefts occur with unlocked vehicles.