Guilford sees spike in burglaries, asks residents to remain vigilant

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GUILFORD --  Police are asking residents to remain vigilant after a string of burglaries, approximately 10 in the last month.

Police said the thief or thieves is gaining entry through unlocked doors or windows. All the burglaries have taken place during the daytime, roughly between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., at homes on cul-de-sac or down long driveways.

"It appears that the suspect is knocking on doors or ringing doorbells prior to entering the residences to try to determine if someone is home," said Guilford Police Detective Joseph Duro.

Police said the suspect(s) are only targeting unoccupied homes, and do not believe there is a threat to the public.

"They're going right for the bedroom, targeting jewelry, jewelry boxes," said Duro. "In some of the burglaries, they have actually taken pillowcases from the person's bed, which we would assume is to carry the jewelry out of the house."

Duro said none of the burglarized homes had surveillance cameras to capture a suspects' face, but said they are looking for a white man in his thirties, about six feet tall with long hair.

"We're just asking residents to be vigilant," said Duro, adding that everyone should lock their doors and windows before leaving home.

Residents said the uptick in crime is unusual. "It's kind of crazy because we live in this small, really cute New England town," said Jennifer Kuehn. "Many of us leave our keys in our car, doors open."

"I've never really shut anything up, so this is kind of worrisome," said Liz Catino.

If you see anyone or anything suspicious, Guilford police ask you to call the department right away at 203-453-8061.