State committee may mandate sprinklers in all new homes

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HARTFORD — A meeting will be held on Wednesday afternoon that could help prevent devastating house fires. On the table is whether or not fire sprinklers should be installed in new homes.

The Connecticut Code and Standards Committee will be meeting to vote on whether all new one- and two-family homes being built should have fire sprinklers. If approved, the committee said it will improve the safety of all Connecticut residents and that many large house fires would be prevented.

The committee has taken up this cause because, over a 15-year period, close to 180 Connecticut residents lost their lives in house fires. With a sprinkler installed in all new homes, the committee said it could reduce fire deaths by nearly 80 percent.

On top of that, sprinklers reduce direct the property damage of each fire by about 70 percent. There are some people who oppose this bill, citing costs of the initiative as the issue.

The meeting will take place at 1:30 p.m.